Your blueprint for success. 6 weeks is all it takes to begin your transformation.


Imagine having a personal trainer in your pocket anytime, any place! She’s So Fit is the closest thing you can get to that. If you’ve been thinking about getting started on your fitness journey, or have been working out for a while with little to no results, this is the program you’ve been waiting for.

Train Right

  • Uses multiple HIIT protocols and intensity builders
  • 3 phases with progressions mapped out every 2 weeks
  • Pictures and videos included for every single exercise… its like having a top trainer showing you what to do at all times
  • No equipment necessary means no matter your current gym or workout situation, you’ll be able to follow this program right through to the end
  • Workouts are designed to be quick and incredibly effective… you wont need to spend hours working out
  • Exercises are designed to be done at your own pace, and can be done by all fitness levels
  • 3 phase nutrition program works in tandem with the training program
  • Learn a variety of techniques such as intermittent fasting and carb cycling for greater results
  • Sample meal plans are provided for each week and phase
  • Delicious meal and smoothie recipes included so you never get bored

Eat Right

Inside the Program

What You Get

She’s so fit: 6 Week Training Guide

A straight forward “done for you” workout program that will finally change your body. Every day is carefully laid out for you in a single training circuit, including sets, reps and rest times. The guesswork is gone and all you’ve got to do is complete each challenge.

She’s so fit: Lean and Tight Core Workouts

The ultimate abdominal strengthening guide packed tight with 19 super focused add-ons for a tight, toned and toned tummy. Top up your She’s So Fit daily workout with an abdominal challenge to take your training to the next level and feel super strong through your core. 

She’s so fit: No-Lies Nutrition Guide

No guesswork. No lies. This is what you need to eat for the next six weeks. Period. Forget about pizza and ice cream and fully commit to transforming your body with these simple and SUPER FLAVOURFUL meal plans designed to pair perfectly with the She’s So Fit program. The No-Lies Nutrition Guide gives you grocery shopping lists, meal prep tips, recipes and daily meal plans that leave nothing to the imagination. Just get it done. 

She’s so fit: Recipes For Deliciousness 

The ultimate fat burning cookbook that will change your views on healthy eating for good. Who said eating healthy had to be bland and boring? Recipes For Deliciousness is stuffed full of my absolute favourite mouthwatering fat burning recipes that you’ll wake up excited to eat everyday, hand selected by me based on what I choose to eat everyday. I’m sharing my secret recipes with you — thank me later!! 

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Real Results

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Download our free HIIT Fat Loss Blueprint. Complete with a full weeks worth of workouts, as well as recipes for some nutrient packed smoothies, this guide is guaranteed to set you on the right track to firing up your metabolism and creating the lean, strong body you so badly desire.

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