She’s So Fit was created for women like YOU!

The Program

She’s SO Fit

We understand your time is important, and incredibly valuable. Life seems to be pulling us in all different directions and finding time for ourselves is hard enough. The last thing you have time for is trying to figure out what to do once you’re at the gym.

WE GET IT… Finding time to even get to the gym or workout is hard enough!

We know you’re sick and tired of spending your precious time on failed programs and results.

That’s why She’s So Fit was created. The goal was to create the ultimate training system that covers every thing you need in order to get stronger and shed excess body fat, all while creating new levels of confidence and energy both in and out of the gym.

It truly is as close to a DONE-FOR-YOU program as can possibly be.

She’s So Fit isn’t a fad workout or diet, it’s based on foundational science and training techniques. It isn’t an “overnight results/ success” program either. She’s So fit is a sustainable program that you can continue to follow, and that will continue to work long after the initial 6 weeks are done.

This is a RESULTS DRIVEN program, and it WILL deliver you results!



I’m Matthew Pauderis, creator of She’s So Fit. I’ve been a person trainer for over 10 years, educating and motivating my clients to improve their health and fitness goals. I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of women transform their bodies and strength, and now it’s time for me to share my best workouts with you! The workouts I’ve designed for She’s So Fit require no equipment and can be done either at home or at the gym and cater to every fitness level. My goal is to motivate women to become fitter, stronger and more confident.

Join the She’s So Fit global community of strong, confident women today!

Still not sure?

Download our free HIIT Fat Loss Blueprint. Complete with a full weeks worth of workouts, as well as recipes for some nutrient packed smoothies, this guide is guaranteed to set you on the right track to firing up your metabolism and creating the lean, strong body you so badly desire.

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